Alaska Fishing Trip, A Trip Of a Lifetime

Alaska Fishing Trip.

When you think of taking the fishing trip of a lifetime, what destination comes to mind? More than likely, the state of Alaska.

In many ways the state of Alaska is synonymous with fishing. A fishing trip to Alaska is literally the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Whether you prefer fresh or saltwater fishing, Alaska has it. The most popular freshwater fish are: four kinds of salmon, rainbow trout, and arctic grayling. When it comes to saltwater the most popular fish are Ling Cod and the mighty Halibut. Halibut can easily weigh over 250 pounds and are prized for their delicious meat. A dinner built around a wonderful fresh halibut steak is hard to beat.

Alaska has the greatest salmon fishing in the world. There are four different species that show up at different times all summer long. That means millions of fish are returning to Alaskan waters throughout the summer, and are therefore available to be caught.

The four different species of salmon that can be caught in Alaska's waters are: Sockeye, King, Silver, and Pink. They run up the various rivers at different times, so at any given time there should be some form of salmon run happening. And if not, the Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, and Arctic Grayling fishing can be phenomenal as well. A fishing trip to the beautiful state of Alaska also offers some of the most beautiful scenery that can be found anywhere in the entire world. Even if the fishing happened to be bad while you were in Alaska, the beauty that nature has to offer will make the trip well worth while. Hey, this can be used as a selling point to your wife so that you can get your Alaska fishing trip done.

The untouched wilderness truly is a national treasure and will certainly make your Alaska fishing trip that much better.

Fishing in Alaska also means trophy fish. A fishing trip in Alaska could literally mean a world record. Alaska's most famous river, The Kenai, holds nearly 2 dozen IFGA world records for various salmon species as well as other fish. This is amazing, and as a matter of fact this incredible river is home to the world record king salmon that weighed in at over 95 pounds! While fishing in Alaska you will literally have a chance of catching a world record fish. In many fishing locations catching a world record wouldn't even be a possibility, but in Alaska it's not only a possibility, it’s a very real possibility. A fishing trip to Alaska should be on every anglers "things to do before I die" list.

Alaska truly does offer fishing and fishing experiences that are unmatched anywhere on this planet. Not only that, but an Alaska fishing trip also allows you to bring home a couple of coolers full of the most delicious fish that can be found anywhere on the planet as well. If you've never had the pleasure of eating fresh salmon and/or halibut you haven't truly lived, it's as simple as that.

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