Canada Fly Fishing in a remote and Pristine Wilderness

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Fly Fishing In Canada By Sharpy Canada is a beautiful place to visit. When you are planning a fly

fishing trip, you’ll find an amazing adventure in Canada! Many of the rivers and lakes where fly fishing is the best are in remote areas, so when you choose in Canada, you’ll have privacy with the added perk of some great fishing!

Some of the best Canada fly fishing found in the province of Ontario. There are many lodges you can choose from to stay at when you are there, but be warned that most of them are in very remote places where you are likely to be left alone with your party and can only get in and out by plane or train.

The Brown Bear lake system in Ontario is considered one of the best fly-in trophy small mouth bass lakes in the area. The fish here average between two and three pounds, but four pound fish are common every season with some trophy wall hangers of 5-6 pounds being caught each year.

Norse Lake is a prime example of a remote Canadian fly-in wilderness lake. The lake is protected by a high, picturesque landscape that stays relatively calm even in windy weather. Here, you can catch beautiful walleye, Northern Pike, and small mouth bass. Trophy sized fish are found every year, so fish this lake for some great opportunities.

Populous Lake offers twelve miles of beautiful water and land for you to explore when fly fishing in Canada. There are numerous channels and bays dotting this lake with all sort of landscape features like rock outcrops and weed beds which are prime breeding ground and hiding places for fish. This lake is situated in a very remote area with walleyes, trout, and Northern Pike in abundance.

Picture a cool, clear Canadian lake with lots of trophy sized small mouth bass and Northern Pike and you’ll have Tree lined Lake. This lake is so clear, you will be able to see the fish clearly near the shoreline. Wildlife is abundant here and it’s not uncommon to see a moose feeding on the shoreline in the twilight. You’ll find some real trophy sized fish on Tree lined Lake with Northern Pike averaging over 5 pounds and small mouth bass at 4-5 pounds.

Because so many fly fishing spots in Canada are located in remote locations, you’ll find peace and serenity during your fly fishing trip there. Enjoy the beauty of the Canadian wilderness while you catch the fish of your dreams. There are so many choices available to you that when you choose Canada for your next fly fishing trip, you’re sure to come away a winner either way!

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