Know the little known facks about the hows and why's of fish in this fish book.

This fish book has many recommended ideas to increase your catch.

* Know when a Trout can see you! (You must know what the Refractive Window is and how you might be scaring the fish away.) p.15

* Why the Monocular vision of trout could be costing you a catch. p.18

* The color of your clothing matters! Learn what the best colors are so that you’re camouflaged from the fish. p.42

* Learn the best times to fish for trout… THEIR FEEDING TIMES… Plus, learn how to catch them even outside their feeding times! (It’s a secret you must follow or you’ll get nothing.) p.24

All these ideas are in the fish book.

* Learn why trout are so sensitive to noise. (The noise of breaking twigs or nudging a rock consistently scares fish away!) p.21

* How to maintain your fishing equipment for maximum longevity. p.51

* Why having a cigarette while fishing can halve your chances of catching anything. p.22

* The correct line color to choose for maximum success. p.57

* Learn what the ideal conditions are to cause a feeding frenzy among Trout. (Unfortunately, if one factor is out of place they will literally starve themselves until everything is in place again.) p.24 to 29

* Why keeping a fishing diary will explode your long-term fishing success. p.64

* Know what the ideal water temperature is for Trout to feed. p.25 & 81

This is one value pack fish book.

* How to make the best choices on equipment. (There are over 40 separate tips from reels to sunglasses.) p.50 to 65

* How to Identify Trout Rich Waters. p.30 to 36 & 71

* Know when a Trout’s metabolism is in the normal range and therefore hungry! (When it’s low, they are sluggish and will not travel or look for food.) p.81

* The 4 things you should do before you even unpack your gear beside the river. p.68

* Learn the 3 primary concerns of a trout. (It’s not all that different to us humans!) p.30

* How to locate where a trout is positioned in the water. p.36 to 41 * How to identify the best waters to go spinner fishing in. p.69 to 71

* Why it’s harder to catch trout in deeper pools! p.19

* Learn why a shiny spinner used on a bright sunny day is almost guaranteed to catch you nothing. p.20 & 78

* The relatively unknown tip of scenting lures to help attract trout. (Yes, smell is possible under water. It travels very well as water-soluble particles.) p.22 & 23

* Learn what foods Trout love to eat. (This is crucial when selecting lures. Most lures are a complete waste or money but chosen correctly can double your catch chances!) p.26

* Learn the art of “stream craft” which is to read different sections of the stream or river. p.30 & 77

Never have I seen such subject material in a fish book before.

* Understand the different species of trout (Rainbow, Brown, Brook and Cutthroat) and how to quickly identify them. p.9 to 14

* How to land a big trout! (There are some conditions that are essential.) p.39

* Learn the number of casts you need to make in one area of the river before moving on. (It’s much less than you think and many anglers have wasted their time by not moving on sooner.) p.87

* The secrets of casting and retrieval. (Upstream, Downstream, Bottom, Top, Slow or Fast. All the secrets revealed.) p.85

* A comprehensive guide on spinner selection for different conditions. p.84 & 85

* The best weight and size of your spinner to suit the river conditions. p.80

* The right color and finish of the lure you select. (It depends on the brightness of the day and the clarity of the water.) p.78

* The best water depth for spinner fishing. (If you go too deep you’ll never catch a Trout!) p.70 & 86

* Discover why your mindset is your most effective weapon in catching trout. p.74 to 77

* And many more!

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