The Basics Of Live Worm Fishing Bait

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The Basics Of Live Worm Fishing

It seems that almost every angler has caught fish with live worms. As a matter of fact, it would probably be difficult to find a person who doesn't think of fishing, when the term 'live worm' is mentioned. Live worms have long been known as great fishing bait, and what's interesting is the fact that many anglers still fish with live worms in the same manner that they always have.

That is, they buy a container of worms and when baiting up, they simply 'thread' that worm onto a single hook. Either that or they hook the worm over an over again creating what I like to call a "worm ball".

Although fishing a live worm in the for mentioned manner will result in a few bites and some fish will be caught, it's just not the best or most effective way to fish with a live worm. Let me ask you a question. When is the last time you saw anything even resembling a "worm ball" in nature?

What does a worm look like if you lay it on the ground or throw it in the water? Not like a "worm ball", I can promise you that. When you were a kid you did certain things that you wouldn't even consider doing anymore, right? Sure, and why is that? Because you've matured and grown up. So why does the way you fish with live worms need to remain the same as it always has? Especially when that way involves creating something that isn't at all natural.

The basics of live worm fishing bait involves presenting that worm in a natural manner, rather than an unnatural manner. How do you accomplish this? Simple, through the use of a set of gang hooks. A set of gang hooks is simply a pair of small hooks tied in tandem. This enables you to present a live worm in an outstretched and natural manner. A set of gang hooks has a second hook in play as well, which helps in hooking any short striking fish (that is if they try to bite the "tail" of the worm). If you're going to fish with live worms, gang hooks need to be employed, it's as simple as that.

The other basic of live worm fishing bait is having a way to transport your worms. Many anglers carry around the container that the worms were purchased in and then take worms out as they are needed.Offshore Angler Insulated Bait Bag This works and again anglers have been doing it forever.

The problem is that it's the least efficient way possible to carry live worms while fishing. An apparatus such as a bait bag should be employed. A fishing bait bag is a bag that hangs off of an anglers vest, shirt, or belt, that holds live fishing bait. In other words, live worms are purchased as they normally would be.

Then, when the angler reaches their fishing destination, the worms are transferred into the fishing bait bag. Now the anglers live worms are right there at their fingertips waiting to be used! There is no more wasted time digging worms out of the container they were purchased in.

* Light Gear And Line - My fishing mentor believed in using light gear and line when fishing with live worms. As a matter of fact, he believed in ultra light gear (which is what I prefer to use), Bass Pro Shops Micro Lite? Glass Spinning Rods but light is tolerable as well. As far as fishing line is concerned, my mentor used four pound test mono filament (which again is what I use to this day), but line up to six pound test is also tolerable. The theory being that fish have very sensitive senses and can detect line in the water, so the lighter the line, the less apt the fish are to detect it and become wary. I've actually been fishing with six pound test leaders and wasn't catching anything, so I changed to four pound test leaders. I immediately began catching fish, so after this experience, I know that the diameter of your fishing line makes a huge difference.

* The Use Of Gang Hooks - The art of live worm fishing entails more than just "threading" a worm onto a hook. To be an effective live worm fisherman, a set of pre-tied gang hooks must be employed. You see, pre tied gang hooks are the only way to present live worms in a natural manner, which is an integral part of becoming a truly effective live worm fisherman. Using a live worm, rigged on a set of pre tied gang hooks and allowing your offering to flow naturally with the current, while it bounces along the bottom, is the most deadly fish catching rig in the world. I've been using this exact technique for my entire fishing career, and it never fails me. Gang hooks and live worms go together like the computer and the internet. You can't have one, without the other…right?

These are the basics of live worm fishing. These simple tips/techniques will enable any angler to dramatically increase their hook-up rates. I say hook-up rates because the fighting and landing of the fish is up to you, these tips will result in more bites though, I know that for a fact.

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