The largest kayak fishing tournament in the country

Kayak Fishing is a method of fishing which has gained in popularity recently, becoming a sport in and of itself. The kayak has long been a means of transportation and a means of accessing

spots where fish were to be found. However, today's kayak anglers have taken advantage of the most sophisticated fishing equipment to create a new dimension of the sport.

The inclusion of rod holders, electronic fish-finders, live-bait containers, and other state-of-the-art equipment have placed kayaks in almost the same league as their much larger fishing boat siblings with Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident? Angler Kayaks with or without Rudder kayak angling will never enjoy the range of deep-water fishing grounds that can be reached by their colleagues in boats, their kayaks offer just enough range potential to place them in waters where anything is possible. While bottom-fishing or jigging could be done pretty much from anything that floated, it was long thought that effective trolling required speeds of between five to ten knots, a speed well out of the range of someone paddling. However, the discovery that fish could be taken at much lesser speeds accelerated the popularity of kayaking and brought a whole new interest in the sport. Old Town Rush Kayaks

Many of the techniques applied in kayak fishing are simply carryovers from those techniques employed on boats. The big difference lies in the set-up, how each piece of equipment is fitted to the kayak, and how each activity is carried out on such a small craft.

The most popular kayaks for fishing are rotationally molded from polyethylene due to their durability and lower cost. Generally, Old Town Otter Kayaks kayak anglers look for stable and comfortable designs. The new generation of twin hull (catamaran) kayaks that was recently introduced into the market is stable enough to enable both paddling and fishing in the standing position. This technological development also solves some ergonomic problems that are associated with sitting for long hours without being able to change positions, and frees kayakers from the need to sacrifice speed to stability, which is another problem that characterizes mono hull kayaks.

Some kayak manufacturers offer special models for fishing that are designed and have accessories for this sport, including specially-designed hatches, built-in rod holders, catch bags and equipment mounts. Old Town Dirigo 120 Kayaks The excitement of catching a game fish on a kayak is such that some anglers have launched their kayaks from larger boats well offshore so they could try to hook up and fight large game fish from a kayak. As one would expect, there seems to be a unparalleled excitement that is derived from fighting a fish as it pulls the very craft you're on through the water.

Fishing from a Kayak has become prevalent in the states of Florida, Texas and California. Kayak fishing tournaments have become more popular each and every year.

The very first kayak angling tournament in Florida was held at Osprey Bay Outdoors in Clearwater. The largest kayak fishing tournament in the country is held each May in Jacksonville.

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