If You Don't Wear Polarized Fishing Glasses, Why Not?

Information on Polarized fishing Glasses to help you on the rivers and streams.

If you're an angler and don't wear polarized sun glasses I have a question for you. Why not? You really should. Polarized glasses

should be as much a part of your fishing gear as your rod and reel are. I'm being serious here.

The only way that I can see that this wouldn't be the case is if you're primarily a bank fisherman who still fishes. Other than that, you need to be wearing polarized glasses for fishing. The two really do fit together like pea's and carrots, as Forrest Gump would say.

Polarized glasses enable the angler to see under the water while fishing. This is a great advantage to bass anglers looking for bass on spawning beds, as well as wading anglers looking for not only fish but underwater structure as well. In these two situations polarized sun glasses are an absolute must.

Many river and stream anglers swear by polarized glasses for getting a bead on underwater trout as well. You see the polarization in the lenses helps cut through the glare created by the reflection of light hitting water. On a really sunny day this is very easy to distinguish with the bare eye. The glare also exists on less than sunny days as well.

All you have to do is try on a good pair of polarized glasses, and look into the water. Good polarized glasses work like magic, which is probably why anglers love them so much. I emphasize the word "good", because I used to skimp and buy inexpensive polarized sun glasses.

I used to refuse to spend more than $20 on my polarized glasses. And guess what? They never worked worth a plugged nickel. I used to convince myself that they were fine, but they weren't they would get scratched and hurt my eyes, and every time I wore them I got a headache. Then one day I was fishing with a buddy of mine who always bought the best of everything.

I was complaining about my glasses and he let me borrow his for a couple of hours. They were amazing! I won't mention names but they were incredible. I asked him what they cost him and he said $125. I thought it was way too much to spend on a pair of polarized glasses, but I had to admit that they were wonderful.

As a matter of fact, they were so wonderful that within a week I went out and purchased my own pair. And guess what? I've had those polarized fishing glasses for 7 years! They still work wonderfully. I found out that if you spend a little more, you take better care of them. The other funny thing about this is that if I amortize the cost of my polarized fishing glasses, they only cost me $18 bucks a year, which is less than I used to spend on crappy ones!

So remember, when it comes to polarized fishing glasses, what your Mother told you is absolutely true you get what you pay for!

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