About us is what our site is about

This page is about us, and what we are all about and what we do here. It is a picture of a man's passion, his joy and now in his later years his hobby.

It all started out as a boy when my oldest brother took me fishing with him one day, because Mom made him. I'll never forget the excitement, the thrill, the joy of catching a fish. We were going down to "Black Bridge" were the trains pass over Lower South River on their way to and from Cape Breton to points west in Canada.

Maybe I was eight or nine, but the memory still stays with me, after all these years. Just a piece of black fishing line tied to an alder stick, a rock for a sinker, a hook and a can of worms.

We here love to talk fish, swear fish, eat fish, and brag fish. I caught the biggest brown trout, more May Trout, and matched or broke any record you can think of down home. Yes we even lie about fish. I have always loved anything to do with fishing. I guess that's why I have such an interest in having this web site "Fishing Hook Line and Sinker".

I would like to tell you about this site. It was originally created to share information about fishing in hopes that some of you would enjoy reading and maybe share your thoughts and experiences. We have tried to cover as much information as we could find. One lady shared with me an old Newfoundland recipe book. That was a great treasure to be hold. If you notice the meals that were taken from that book are very basic and easy to put together. I have gathered a few tips and tidbits from around, but I'm sure I haven't even scratched the surface yet.

If you notice this page looks uncluttered and free from advertisement, that is because I wanted to explain the purpose of this site with out any distractions. If I had my way I would have it this way all through the site, but I had to bend the rules and put advertisement in the pages. Why? Because it helps pay the cost of the site's expenses and makes it possible to continue on. I like to think that I am no different than you, and when I'm reading in a good site and this pop up keeps flashing in my face like a barn door in the wind, I to feel like ripping it out. Although I understand why they do those things it doesn't make me feel any better.

I am sure that many of you know all this stuff anyway, but for those that don't I would like to explain some of what you see. Most of the blue letter words in the content of the site are text links, linking you to a sales catalog of an item that may be related to the topic at hand. No different than picking up the Sears catalog. It won't hurt you. The sentences that are in blue are links to other pages in the site or off site. The banners are just that, banner links to different companies. The different pictures of items on the site are links also, they show you were you can obtain these items or any other items you may be interested in.

Unfortunately web sites need to advertise, because there are expenses. Just like anything else you try to do. Items such as the computer, the internet connection, hosting, domain name, if you can't construct a web site yourself you pay to have one done. There is a real learning curve that will slow you down. Try to do one yourself.

At this point I have to tell you about one piece of advertisement that has made this site possible for me. I won't call this paragraph on the page advertising, because I won't put any link to it and thus this page will remain clean and free from those blue lettered link words that I told you about. You will find this amazing program near the bottom of some of the other pages, and it will be recognized as "SBI" or "Solo Build It".

If you wish to do any thing on the internet in the form of a Web site, buying and selling, even just a hobby like mine, you would be shooting yourself in the foot if you didn't look at "Solo Build It" first. For less than a dollar a day you can have a site up and running in may be a few hours or by a week for sure. This program shows you how to work with the internet. Not against it. There is support from real people that are happy to help you at no extra cost.

I am 62 years young. I can remember the last steam locomotive rounding the bend near were I told you I went fishing with my brother, in 1955 we had a black and white TV, the channel selector had 23 channels on it but it only selected one channel, #3, and can you imagine it didn't have a remote. We didn't need one, cause you didn't need to change channels we only had one channel, but you had to get up and cross the room to shut it of. When I was 31 years old, half my age now, there were no micro waves or computers. I have certainly come a long way. If I can muddle through anybody else can.

In closing this page I would like to thank you for your time, and dropping by. Hope you come by often and visit, we are always updating the site. Send us a line we would love to sit and talk a spell. Use the side bars to navigate of this page. I'll leave you with one piece of advice "Keep your worms warm".

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