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Since the time man first put a piece of bone on the end of a piece of rawhide and thought he could fool a trout, man has been designing different and more exotic types of artificial flies, bugs and lures.

You must read the books that tell the whole story. The bits and pieces of know how that have almost been lost in time. The tried and true. The way our forefathers done it.

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Every sport mens dream is to get away with the guys and do some serious angling, some place where you get back to nature, fresh air and the excitement of seeing that rod bend almost to the breaking point.

A place where the catch is only one size. BIG! We have dug and rummaged around to find some good ideas in rods, reels and other equipment.

Articles that range from angling equipment, to catching the fish, and of course you want to look good when you do, in your new sport attire, hip waders, chest waders, fly hat, rain gear even right down to your long under wear, and socks.

Ice fishing is a favorite pass time in many northern communities.
In our area ice fishing fresh waters you can catch lake trout, bass, pike, and pickerel. All of this lends itself to passing the cold winter months of ice and snow.
Fishing Links
top quality fishing links, search the links that handles the topics of interest for you.
Fishing Blog
This site discuses fishing as a sport. The how to and some don't facts. Some information on tying flies, and how to fly fish and where. Products and where to get good fishing stuff.
The tracker boat is still the best
The tracker boat is large enough to carry all that you need and more for your fishing trip.
The Ultimate Fishing Boat
Leading fishing boat. A bow rider, runabout, walleye boat or a boat with a small or dual console will meet all of your freshwater fishing needs. These boats are perfect for family outings.
Bass fishing is found in bayou water and salt water.
When it comes to bass fishing, everyone has a different opinion. You will often find that these opinions range in location and source.
Bulrush Bass Fishing
Information on leading bulrush bass fishing articles and products to help you on your way to success.
Bass Fishing Facts And More
Bass Fishing Facts And More. Bass fishing has a fascinating history. It started in the late 18th century and continues to progress until today.
The Bass Fishing Rod
There are so many rods on the market today that it must seem like an ocean of choice, particularly for newcomers, when searching for a bass fishing rod.
Bass Fishing History Through The Years
Bass fishing history begins in the late 18th century and continues today. It was most likely originally practiced in the Southern United States as a source of food.
The best bass fishing techniques.
One of the most successful bass fishing techniques to get the bass to bite during the colder months is splitshotting.
Fish recipes.
Fried Fish Recipes such as smelt, perch or herring are fried whole. Large fish are cut into steaks or fillets. Small fish and steaks are usually dipped in milk, then rolled in flour or corn meal.
Fish recipes like this one are well worth the wait.
These fine old New Orleans fish recipes never tasted so good or was ever quite so low in fat. Don’t stir in the shrimp until after reheating, or it will toughen.
Brewis, A hard tack, hard bread or biscuit that has been soaked overnight.
Brewis, a hard tack, hard bread or hard biscuit that has been soaked overnight and brought to a boil. It is usually eaten with salt or fresh fish and served with pork and scrunchings.
Clams are sold in the shell by the pound
where you dig clams should be well drained each day and a fresh supply of salt water replenishing the area, such as what happens with the rising and falling of the tides.
This is a form page were you can sumit your own fish story
In fly fishing, fish are caught by using artificial flies.
The first fly fishing flies were tied with natural materials, but synthetic materials are now extremely popular and prevalent in most flies.
Leading fishing lure article is Powerbait!
There are some ways of presenting a fishing lure called Powerbait that are more effective than others, and I'm going to explain one of the most effective.
The art of fly tying is a sculpture of an insect
The art of fly tying is a sculpture of an insect used to fool the fish into taking the hook. Materials of use are simple, wool, fur, feathers, tensile, and colored thread.
Rainbow trout and steelhead are both highly desired sport fish.
The rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), also called the redband trout, is a species of salmonid native to tributaries of the Pacific Ocean, in Asia, and North America.
About us is an explanation of our site
About us is all about what you can expect on our site
Catching More Trout Fishing Tips
Information on Catching More Trout articles and products to help you on your way to success.
Cold Weather Trout Fishing
When cold weather trout fishing it becomes much more difficult in most area's of the country.
Fishing literature has many of the little known answers to trout fishing
It is fishing literature at it's best! This is a must to read.Treat yourself and get this fish book.
How to Trout Fish
Some types of trout fish bait include earthworms, insect larvae, egg sacs and crayfish. Lures like spoons and spinners can be used.
Trout fishing equipment and know some information about the species
Stop once to locate all your trout fishing equipment and some hard to find old stuff
Trout Fishing California Mountain Streams
Information Trout Fishing California articles and products.
Trout Fishing Help For Anglers
some of the trout fishing help that you were looking for. They are so simple that many anglers overlook such tips.
Trout fishing pennsylvania
Information on Trout Fishing Pennsylvania articles and products to help you on your way to success.
Trout Fishing Gear
Information on fishing gear articles and products to help you on your way to success.
Trout Fishing Tactics, New And Improved
Information on Trout Fishing Tactics to Improve Your Catch Rate.
Fishing Tips, Fall Trout Fishing
One of my favorite fishing tips techniques for fall trout fishing is to use live worms rigged on a gang hook rig.
More Trout Fishing Tidbits Of Information
More great trout fishing tidbits for trout fishing is to pay attention to the weather and moon, so that you know that you're fishing at the most opportune times.
Search for The Trophy Trout
Landing that big trophy trout. The trophy trout will be around cover of some kind.
Essential Trout Fishing Tips
These simple trout fishing tips will help you become a much more effective trout angler. They are essential for one simple fact.
Women And Fishing -- Not Just A Man's Sport
Information on Women and Fishing articles and products.
Fishing With Children - The Must Dos & The Don't Dos
Information on Fishing With Children articles, and products to help you with your success.
Some fly fisherman regard fly fishing as the holy grail of fishing.
The fly fisherman use an artificial fly consisting of bites of feathers, foam, hide, fur, yarn, and other materials to be tied on a hook that makes it appealing to the fish.
Tips on fly cast fishing
The fly cast fisherman can practice better conservation from the beginning.
Fly Casting Or Hunting
Fly casting is a skill that most fly fishermen would probably consider the most integral skill of fly fishing for trout.
General salmon tips and fishing tricks
Eight Salmon tips, chuck-n-duck is the most familiar and easiest, method in using a fly rod to fish for salmon.
Fishing with egg fishing flies is right around the corner.
Egg fishing flies are highly effective bait for trout and salmon during the fall when fish are swimming upstream and spawning.
Trip list to be prepared.
A trip list can smooth the trip out, keep you organized make sure nothing is forgotten or left to chance, this can be done well in advance of the trip.
Fishing guides are simply that - a guide.
Most fishing guides are great fishermen themselves and know the local area like the back of their hands.
Vacation on houseboats.
You can book houseboats for a day, two weeks or a month as your plans require.
Alaska Fly Fishing
Information on Alaska Fly Fishing articles to help you on your way to success.
Alaska Fishing, known as "the last frontier"
Alaska fishing, Salmon and Halibut are two of the most popular fish to try to catch in the great state of Alaska, but are by no means the only species of fish that are fished for.
Northern rustic fishing lodges are among the most treasured and most popular
Northern rustic fishing lodges, there is no better place to enjoy fishing and the wilderness like what this particular lodge can offer.
Alaska Fly Fishing Lodges well known for its incredible fly fishing
Alaska is well known for its incredible fly fishing lodges, but it’s also a great place to go for a fly fishing vacation in a rustic lodge setting.
Arkansas Fishing Trophes
Information on Arkansas fishing for trophyies and products to help.
Alaska Fishing Trip, A Trip Of a Lifetime
Alaska Fishing Trip. When you think of taking the fishing trip of a lifetime, what destination comes to mind? More than likely, the state of Alaska.
Cabo San Lucas
In contrast you will find the Cabo San Lucas deep sea water fishing adventurous and exciting.
Canada fly fishing
Information on Canada fly fishing articles and products.
Costa Rica Fishing, The Great Get Away
Information on leading Costa Rica fishing articles and products
Florida Fishing Charters
Information on leading Florida Fishing Charters, the area and what's here.
Lake El Salto
You will find Lake El Salto to be among one of the most beautiful locations you have ever seen.
Port Renfrew major fishing problem.
The fishing problem is the sport fishing is great and only a few people know that.
Mexico bass fishing – One Of The Best Destinations For Fishing.
Mexico Bass fishing fee for a two-day package on Lake El Salto would cost around $500 which will include transport to and from the lake, all meals, drinks, fishing license, accommodation boat guides.
Michigan Salmon fishing is the best of any where.
Michigan salmon stocking started in 1967 to combat the excessive Alewife population. The best salmon fisheries anywhere.
Montana Fly Fishing In Solitude
Montana Fly Fishing, one of the best parts about, to fly fish.
Ozark Fishing is an all year sport
To experience Ozark fishing with the assistance of a qualified guide, you should consider one of the many fishing charters in Lake of the Ozarks.
Bass Fishing At Spring Creek
Below, you'll find information on Spring Creek fishing.
Texas fishing has been an ongoing occupation and hobby for a millennia
Bass Texas fishing is particularly good, so it might be worth a special trip just for that.
Winter Bass Fishing Techniques
The Success of Winter Bass Fishing Techniques is owed to a Lot of Practice.
Mustang Bluewater 2000
The Mustang Bluewater 2000 is a 6 metre half cabin with an 8 person capacity.
Scented Attractants. Can Bass Fishing Be Done?
Bass fishing with scented attractants has been thrown up so many times that it has almost become a myth.
The chain pickerel is an Atlantic coast freshwater fish
Chain pickerel is a type of fish, which is readily available in freshwater bodies along the Atlantic coast.
Glass-fiber rods first appeared in the late 1940's
Carbon fiber rods entered mass production and neither of the older materials could offer any contest.
The Blue Marlin capital of the world, Hawaii
Renowned for Pacific blue marlin, home to the a spectacular sword-billed fighting fish.
Ice Shanty
We have attempted to construct an ice shanty or ice hut as cheap, and light as possible, but functional.
Fort Lauderdale fishing has some of the best game fishing in the world
Information on leading Fort Lauderdale Fishing.
Live Worm Fishing, considered an art.
The art of live worm fishing entails more than just "threading" a worm onto a hook.
Gang Hooks to present your live worn as bait.
Information on fishing Gang Hooks to present your live worn as bait.
Some easy shell fish recipes
Some local down home shell fish recipes
Contribute To Fishing Hook Line And Sinker
Would you like to share your knowledge about fishing? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.