Fort Lauderdale fishing has some of the best game fishing in the world.

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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters
By Roberto Bell
Ft. Lauderdale fishing has some of the best game fishing in the world. Fishing Headquarters is a sport fishing and drift fishing company that operates out of Ft. Lauderdale. Fishing Headquarters runs daily private and shared charters, as well as open boat drift fishing every day. The drift fishing boat, "Catch My Drift" is the largest and fastest boat of her class in our area.

The Catch My Drift is an 85? Gulf stream party fishing boat. They run 3 trips daily for 4 hours each, departing at 8:30AM, 1:30Pm and 7:30PM. On our 2 daytime trips, we go offshore about 2 mile and fish on the 3rd reef off Fort Lauderdale. They drift with ballyhoo, squids and sardines . Depending on the time of year they catch kingfish, bonito, mahi mahi, grouper, snapper, wahoo, tuna and the occasional sailfish.

It's a great way to get outside and have some fun with family or friends while on vacation in Ft. Lauderdale. The best thing about this trip is that it only costs $30 per person.

Our night fishing trip is a totally different style of fishing. On their night trip, they anchor the boat and chum the water. The chum attracts all the different types of fish that live on the reef and brings them up close to the boat. They fish for yellow tail snapper mostly but they catch a lot of other species while fishing this style.

Mangrove, mutton and lane snappers, red and black groupers, cobia, sharks, and some other crazy reef fish like eels, lobster, and sting rays are just a few of the critters you'll catch on this trip. The night time anchor fishing trip is their best trip for catching action.

Another type of night fishing trip they offer is their Friday Night Open Boat Sword fishing trip. They are the only boat that offers a trip like this. Every Friday night they head offshore to swordfish grounds, about 15 miles offshore. For this trip, they go out for 8 hours, from 6PM-2AM. They use dead squids rigged with glow sticks and strobe lights and position the baits at different depths, spaced apart with balloons. If you've never done it before, this is a really interesting style of fishing.

When that swordfish bites the line, your in for a great fight. Swordfish are one of the strongest fish that they catch and they can range anywhere from 50-300 pounds. They've been running this trip for over a year now and it has become one of their most popular fishing trips they offer. Swordfish are great fighting fish, excellent eating and they can make awesome trophies for your wall. If your into catching something really big, this is the trip for you.

If your looking for big game fishing during the day, try a charter on one of their sport fishing boat. They can put together a small group shared charter for you, or you can charter the whole boat to yourself and bring up to 6 people. Sport fishing is a bit more specialized style of fishing.

On their sport fishing trips, they use techniques like artificial lure trolling, shipwreck bottom fishing, slow trolling of live baits, dead bait shark fishing and even kite fishing where they fly kites and suspend live baits from the kite. They take out customers from all different experience levels, from beginners to avid and professional fishermen. No experience is necessary and they show you how to work all the equipment. On their sport fishing trips, they typically catch sailfish, sharks, barracuda, wahoo, tuna, marlin, mahi mahi dolphin, amberjack and dozens of other species throughout the year. Sport fishing is a bit more expensive but I highly recommend it, especially if you've never fished before.

Whatever your group consists of, whether it be family or friends, business associates, or even if your by yourself, your going to love Fort Lauderdale fishing. Most of their customers come back to fish with them year after year, and many say that they were the highlight of their vacation. Try a trip or 2 with them and they'll show you a great time.

Captain Andy is the owner of Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters and Fishing Headquarters.

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