This is form, a chance to tell your story, the TRUE story.

On this form we hope you might share your experience, a story of something interesting, a fish story or a joke in good taste.There isn't anything more interesting than a real good fish story, maybe an experience of a close call in the woods or water. A story of the one that got away. I know there are some good jokes to. How's this one.

"Did you hear about the one arm fishermen in Nova Scotia"? He caught a fish that big.(now extend your right hand out in front of you). Oh well, I guess you have to be there.

Please feel free to drop a line(no pun intended) in the box below to receive your monthly letter on fishing information. We hope to cover stories that will cover such things as "a rescue, a near disaster or a happy story, the story of the big one that got away, or the incredible fishing trip you had. We also hope to share some good fishing tips and maybe even the odd good joke. I will try to get them all on sometime. Your valued comments are welcomed. Thank you for the chance to hear from you.

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